When it comes to the natural environment of North America, very few people have been as close to it as Mike Dukart. An entrepreneur and former U.S. Marine, Dukart has spent more than two decades making his living off his love for the outdoors.

Mike started his career in the outdoors as a waterfowl outfitter. He competed in State, National and World Calling Competitions across the US and has created over a dozen communication systems for multiple species of waterfowl, turkey and most recently deer.

Each system takes an average of 4 years to develop. Mike studies an animal’s behavior & vocabulary as he designs a unique game call for each species. This information is documented and combined with each call creating a complete communication system.

Mike started his first of four companies, Illusion Game Call Systems, nearly two decades ago and has three utility patents to his credit along with countless copywrites and trademarks. More recently Mike Founded "The Deer Society", a viral informational deer hunting platform. The Deer Society reaches millions of viewers each year through television, internet and social media. The Deer Society received over 30 million online video views in its first two years alone.

At the Outdoor News Deer and Turkey Classic, Mike will be presenting "Rattling and Calling Whitetails".

John will be presenting on:

Friday March 9 at 6:00 on Stage B

Saturday March 10 at 3:30 on Stage B

Sunday March 11 at 3:30 on Stage A