The Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic will have the best-in-class speakers and seminars for you to attend to improve your odds of bagging that monster buck or huge gobbler next season. Leading the pack for the 2019 show will be Tom Miranda, Laramy "SASQUATCH" Miller and Melissa Bachman.

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Tom Miranda

Adventure Bowhunter

Laramy "SASQUATCH" Miller

Mountain Man

"Last of a Breed"

Melissa Bachman

Winchester Deadly Passion

Tony Peterson

Bowhunter Magazine Equipment Editor & Outdoor News Columnist

Cole Tanner

Hunting with Ozone

Kurt Baumgartner

Deer Vision & Today's Hunter

Kevin Lovegreen

Presenting the "World Famous" Animal Sound Challenge

Bernie Barringer

How to Bait Big Bears

Whitetail Property Pro's

Buying and Selling Hunting Land 101

Jeff Fredrick

30 years of Turkey Hunting, what I've learned

John Molden

Creating Mock


Mike Dukart

Founder of The Deer Society

Rattling & Calling Whitetails