Cole Tanner is an avid bowhunter, outdoorsman, and big game guide. His passion for hunting North American big game animals has lead him on adventures across the continent from the Aleutian Islands of Alaska to the high desert of Colorado to the hardwood forests of the Midwest. Cole’s experience as a big game hunting guide in Southern Colorado and time spent documenting hunts across North America as a professional cameraman has given him a unique perspective on how ozone can radically change your hunting experience. Now serving as a Product Specialist for Ozonics, Cole has had the opportunity to help men and women across North America change the way they hunt with the power of ozone.

Hutning with Ozone

Over the past years, the concept of using ozone to eliminate odors and fool a deer’s nose has grown exponentially. In this seminar, Big Game Guide and hunting enthusiast Cole Tanner will provide an in-depth explanation of what ozone is, how it works, what it can and cannot do, and how you can use this technology to significantly reduce human odor in the field. In addition, you will learn the difference between active and passive scent control, and how both are important to your scent free regiment. Oxidation Technology can help you to stop hunting the wind and start hunting the deer. Let Cole show you what this would look like and how it could be done.

At the Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Show, Cole will be presenting "Hunting with Ozone".

Cole will be presenting on:

Friday March 9 at 3:30pm on Stage A

Saturday March 10 at 11:00am on Stage A

Saturday March 11 at 10:30am on Stage A