Laramy <br>“Sasquatch” Miller <br>Mountain Man <br>“Last of a Breed”

“Sasquatch” Miller
Mountain Man
“Last of a Breed”

Mountain Man

Mountain Man “Last of a Breed”

Born deep in the Rocky Mountains stands a Man today who reaches 6’6” and 270b lbs of solid Mountain Man.  He hunts and survives as the mountain men did in the mid-1800’s. Born of indian ancestry and trained with the skills of true mountain men, Laramy “SASQUATCH” Miller travels the route the mountain men did before him. From deep in the Canadian Rockies to the plains of the midwest he hunts, traps, and lives off the land.  He does it all the hard way, the SASQUATCH way- in a world of high-tech hunters, weapons and technology, Laramy “SASQUATCH” Miller shows us what real hunting and survival in the great wilderness truly is!
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